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Podcast 123!


Check out Podcast #123 right here!

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Chronexia! Podcast!

In the bowels of YouTube was discovered the anime of all anime. But unable to decipher its true meaning, Chris and Jude had to enlist the help of Phil to provide them with suitable reactions. BEHOLD, as he breaks down the ages of hard work put into this creative endeavour.

Be sure to also check out our latest podcast, in which we don’t talk about this reaction video because we filmed it beforehand and somehow completely forgot about it. Download or stream it here!

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How to hold a guitar!

Happy regular new year and happy Chinese new year to all our regular and Chinese fans! We don’t mean to discriminate, but that’s the way of the world now. ANYWAY, we have a new video! Like, a classic, regular, non-Chinese Can of Nothing video! Exciting! We teamed up with one of those web sites that teaches you stuff to bring you a beginner guitar tutorial. Remember that Phil plays guitar in that one video?! In this one, he’ll teach you how to properly hold your guitar. Fascinating! Let’s learn! Oh, and there may not be a podcast this month because we’re bad at scheduling!

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Podcast #121!

It’s the last podcast of the year, so make it a good one! That’s what you should be saying to us. Check it out here!

See you all next year! Maybe we’ll actually do something significant!

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Gankin’ in the Jungle

You thought we were done for the year?! Shame! “One last ride” as I always say. Check out our latest Let’s Play, where Chris and Jude teach Phil all about the skills and techniques used to win a match in Paragon! Sadly there will be no actual winning.

We’ll be back soon with one final podcast for the year!

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Podcast #120!

We’re back after two months of NOTHING! But then again, that’s what we’re known for! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We podcasted in video form this time! LOOK AT US!

Of course, you can still listen to a classic audio version right here.

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Podcast 119!

Keeping it short and sweet! Gotta go buy the new Harry Potter book! Check out podcast #119 right here! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Beyond Two Souls Part 6!

Homies! Remember when we did Let’s Plays and then forgot about doing Let’s Plays so we stopped posting Let’s Plays and then the site had no more content? Those days are over! BEYOND TWO SOULS PART 6!

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Catching up! Podcast #118!

Whoa, it’s been a while since we posted anything on the main page! Did you know we’ve had three podcasts since #115?! That’s one quarter of the year! Math! In case you get all your updates on the site, which would be weird, head on over to the podcast page to find podcasts 116 and 117. One of them was a video! The latest podcast, #118, can also be found there! Or here!

We’ll also be getting back to some of those Let’s Plays pretty soon. There are probably one or two more episodes of Beyond Two Souls we haven’t posted yet, but we still have a lot more to record before the game is done! Will we finish this year?

And hey, remember Derek?! He did that little Pokemon thing that absolutely nobody likes. Well he started a Twitch stream where he plays games using voice commands like it’s the future! He only did one stream so far, and I don’t know if any kind of schedule exists, but give him a follow: Who knows, maybe if he makes partner he’ll make more Trashimation! Haha, nah that won’t happen. Trashimation, I mean. Twitch partner is still a possible future!

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Podcast #115! Or is it 116?

Our very first leap year podcast! And we mess it up! This month we finally fill up the SD card in our recorder, and it happens in the middle of the podcast! Intermission time! Then we come back stronger than ever, and super full from eating a meal first. We probably talk about some stuff like our latest Let’s Play, our new internship opening, and Chris’ upcoming money issues. Fun!

Download it here or stream it at the bottom of this post!

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